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Born in Lugano (Switzerland) on October 26, 1974 by Italian parents.
At the age of 3 he returned to Italy, in Abruzzo, together with his family.
In 1993 he graduated from the Commercial Technical Institute with Teramo Programmer's address and immediately inserts into the working world, but only after a couple of years manages to get a job continuative with a high fashion fason.
After a first month of apprenticeship, he obtains the promotion of a person in charge of shipments managing the cargo e unloading of the warehouse thanks to a new technology, speeding up the work and obtaining the estimate of the Holder.
In the meantime he marries Marco and the first son Emanuele arrives.
Upon returning from maternity leave, the company has new administrators bringing into question the system working, a completely different atmosphere, a real managerial chaos, reflecting on everyday moods of all and moving more and more the certainty of the salary, from there to a few months the company declares failure.
Meanwhile, Marco (her husband) believes and undertakes the Collaborative Economy project and decides to lay its first bases allowing Catia to have undergone an alternative economic plan, despite her put resistance.

The satisfactions for the choices made arrive in a short time, the project is the optimal solution for thefamily and Catia stops chasing short-term job offers and dedicates itself completely to thefamily and the arrival of the second-born Matteo.

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