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Life Skills is a practical and impactful methodology, focused on changing and improving life skills, through an active training, promoting critical thinking and reviewing personal beliefs to make possible that change.

Inspired by the results of a study carried out by international experts concluded in 1994, the WHO (World Health Organization) stated that it is important that adolescents and adults can learn critical health’s aspects and develop the so-called "life skills", that are necessary to achieve adaptive and positive behavior, those skills that will make able the individuals to face promptly and effectively the requests and everyday life’s challenges.

According to the WHO, it needs to equip people with good training tools, which allow them to navigate with competence and effectiveness, taking positive actions to protect themselves and to promote their individual and social skills. It is about promoting the individual's ability to face the social reality and the challenges that life presents.

To do this we entrust to an active methodology, focused on the person, which aims first of all to make stronger the ability to take responsibility for one's actions. The method allows the flexibility to improve these skills following a weekly way (workshop) that faces up the following 10 key skills:

Decision Making (to be able do take decisions), Problem Solving, Creative Thinking, Critical Thinking, Effective Communication, Improvement in the management of Interpersonal Relationship, Selfconsciousness, Empathy, Emotion Management, Stress Management.


Our community takes care of the professional and personal growth of our cooperators.

The training program uses the most innovative methodologies to develop the talent of the associates and collaborators.

This methodology is designed by specialists of human behavior and consolidated by twenty years of practical experience, to help people become entrepreneurs through a project that includes: mentors, tools, a support team, an innovative business model, design sessions, creation and entrepreneurial practice.

Sharing Economy takes daily action such as consumption and transforms it into conscious and organized consumption, so that it becomes the capital to create wealth and a better quality of life for everyone.

We will help you to turn your ideas into reality, to create new realities, to get the best results from your every decision and build alliances based on mutual benefit, in a pleasant environment and with a 100% practical side by side.

You can forget the economic problems and you will have the chance to develop your talents and work for passion.

Whether you are a student, an entrepreneur, an employee or a woman, you can be in line with your values, find your purpose and turn it into wealth and wellness.

We have the economic vehicle that allows us to achieve all this and feel the moral obligation to start this new system in which your earnings will be directly related to the social impact that you have generated or to the number of people you have helped, a system where people help people.

If you want to be part of our movement, you will be welcome.




Renzo Venanzi
Antonia Gatti
Entrepreneur and
Paolo Sola
Computer Engineer
 Rosanna Andreoni
Business Consultant
Andrea Sola
Personal Trainer
Alessandra Dell'Omo
Ex Nurse
Marco Graziano
Sales Agent
Catia Di Francesco
Ex Forwarder
Riccardo Bassi
Entrepreneur and
Vito Del Priore
Sports Manager
Claudia  Sola
Freelance and
Claudio Ceresola
Mara Venturi
Toni Pileio
Cristina Salotti
Fabio Guaitoli
Make-up Artist
Riccardo Nicoli