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Born in Caracas (Venezuela) on December 29, 1957 from Italian parents.
At the age of 6 he returned to Italy with his family.
Graduated in accounting, she began her economic studies at the University of Economics and Commerce of Modena and at the age of 24 she graduated in Economics and Commerce.
He began his career as an administrative consultant for companies and professionals at Confesercenti, leading him to a position of responsibility in a branch in Sassuolo and then in Modena.
After the marriage with Paolo and the arrival of the first child, Andrea, the pressure of work and the feeling of the owners of the association that Rosanna is no longer 'dedicated body and soul to the company, begin the first awareness that wanting to be mom and at the same time claiming to be successful at work, in those years it was very difficult, especially because of prejudices about it, of the ruling class of the association.
With the arrival of the second daughter, Giulia and also because of very different points of view on how an office should have been run, Rosanna asks to move to part-time time and from this moment the company began to treat it as the last of the employees, despite the professionalism and the great experience.
At that time Rosanna's decision to look for an alternative solution, which would allow to be able to achieve professional and economic, without having to give up the family.

The project of Collaborative Economics, started more than ten years ago together with her husband Paolo, allows Rosanna to manage family needs, without renouncing professional satisfactions.
For several years, Rosanna, together with Paolo, manages a large group of entrepreneurs, who, on the national territory, help other entrepreneurs to become independent economically, through a system of work that over the years has been tested and continually refined and allows anyone who wants , to achieve its objectives, together with a team that supports it.
One of the greatest satisfactions is having their children, Andrea and Giulia, in their managerial staff, together with their partner and husband.

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