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Riccardo Nicoli, was born in Piacenza 33 years ago.
After a course of study that led him to the degree in Biology, he quickly realized that the chosen sector would not offer him the personal and professional opportunities that the University had proposed to him.
In fact, after some experiences in the commercial sector in the field of aesthetic advice, where he had also obtained excellent results, he was not at all satisfied by that world of work, characterized by little personal growth, lack of recognition and economic compensation not proportional to the effort required .
In the meantime he was presented with an activity in the Collaborative Economy sector and although initially he is attracted to some aspects of this project concerning nutrition and nutrigenomics, he soon falls in love with other characteristics, such as the sharing of objectives and personal growth. and professional finally commensurate with their own merits.

Riccardo currently devotes himself full time to this new activity which, with great satisfaction, allows him to help many of his collaborators to achieve success, obtaining in this way more time for himself and his passions and finally to have proportional economic awards. to your commitment.
Riccardo has great plans for the next years, including helping those who want to know and then benefiting from this activity, where wealth is distributed in a more ethical way and will allow the whole community to have great benefits.

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