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He was born in Modena on 27 June 1956.
Graduated Geometra then undertakes his studies at the University of Engineering in Bologna, graduating in Nuclear Engineering.
His passion, however, led him to seek an employment in information technology and in the '80s he started working in Milan for a national leader in IT: Italsiel of the IRI group
Getting married decides not to sacrifice his family and after a few years of work in this prestigious company he moved to Modena, at Delta Informatica, a leading company in IT consulting for the Fiat group.
In the following years his professional experience has led Paolo to very important management consulting in Italy and abroad, for important companies such as Fiat Auto, Fiat Avio, Fiat Agri and subsidiaries, as the leading company in industrial automation, the COMAU of Modena and many other prestigious national and international companies.
The software design has allowed Paolo to gain experience both on how to organize and automate the production processes, the MRP processes of production planning, the calculation of the needs and the automated management of the warehouses, up to the management of the raw materials and spare parts warehouses and the administrative management. margin procedures and deviations.

As for information technology, the so-called hardware and related basic software, Paolo's preparation ranges from IMB calculation machines, to UNYSIS machines, to Oracle machines, to mini and personal computers in server and client environments. The decades of professional experience at a high level, have then led to know, deepen and make efficient any type of organization data from the hierarchical as the IBM DL1 to IBM DB2 Relational and the Unisys RDMS, as well as almost all programming languages.
In the years around 2000 the association with Delta Informatica ends, for a vision no longer shared of the business strategies and Paolo sets up on his own, as a freelancer and independently manages a whole procedure of management of service centers in the smoke-free sector for a company in L'Aquila, in the LINUX PHP MYSQL environment, new to him until then.
It is in this period that, at the same time, we start to be interested in Collaborative Economics together with his wife Rosanna and together Rosanna is one of the reference figures at national level in this sector.
Today Paolo and Rosanna take care of their organization of entrepreneurs, of travels that are their passion. of their family and hold lectures on Collaborative Economics throughout Italy

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